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Screen door closer Aluminum
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Touch the button to hold the door at any position .Push door slightly to release the hold -open.

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Screen door closer Aluminum

Full 90degree opening
For new installation or replacement on doors
Adjustable closing speed control
Factory lubricated
Two-hole end plug for adjustable latching power
Available with replacement cover plate
With “fast latch” feature
Colors and package available:Upon request

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Brand Name: Whynice
Place of Origin: Foshan, GD province, China
Item No,: WNS4
Material: Aluminum Aolly
Finish: Powder coating
Product dimension: 1-1/4" *10-3/4"
Max. Opening Angle: 90°
ApplicationTemperature: No temperature limit
Service Test: Over100,000 cycles
Functions: Adjustable speed
Warranty: One year
Door Weight: 20-50kgs

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Do you want to install a strong door closer to your doors? Check out our Wright products door closer made in China!

The sliding screen door closer is a lightweight screen door closer body. The Wright door closer is one of the best doors closer to the easy and soft closing equipment. Wright products door closer has the best quality springs, and with this, it also has the advanced hydraulic flow for a heavy door.

Because of the help of our sellers, we can meet the assorted necessities of the customers. Then again, these items are known for their ideal completing, flexible plan, simple establishment, high strength, and erosion obstruction.

Features of Wright products door closer:

1. You can install Wright products door closer in all brands of storm doors
2. Wright products door closer is made according to the heavy doors
3. You can buy Wright products door closer in bulk

Buy one of the best Sliding screen door closer for your doors today at reasonable prices!

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