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Door Closer Spring Brown
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Door closer Spring for hinged security screen doors.

Used to automatically close the door when opened and also to hold a door in an open position.

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Door Closer Spring Brown

The Profile Series offers modern, contemporary designs for the budget conscious renovator.

This door closer spring designed to replace most existing screen door closers and deliver smooth operation, is quick and easy to install, with all fixing and instructions included.


Brand Name: Whynice
Place of Origin: Foshan, GD province, China
Item No,: WNS3 Brown
Material: Aluminum Aolly
Finish: Powder coating
Product dimension: 1-1/4" * 9-1/5"
Max. Opening Angle: 90°
ApplicationTemperature: No temperature limit
Service Test: Over100,000 cycles
Functions: Adjustable speed
Warranty: One year
Door Weight: 10-20kgs

Screen Door Spring Closer | Spring Door Closer | Spring Closer

With a screen door spring closer made in China, your doors can automatically close back. The screen door spring closer controls the swing of the way to guarantee it closes without slamming shut.

The screen door spring closer is intended for out-swinging light-to medium-weight metal or wood doors. Utilize alone for light and medium weight door closer or two by two for heavier full view storm doors. It is accessible in different tones to coordinate with your entryway.

1. Adjustable shutting speed
2. Full 90° opening
3. Factory greased up
4. Includes establishment equipment

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