Guide to the best storm door closer for high wind
Guide to the best storm door closer for high wind

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What's storm door closer?

Storm door closer, also referred to as screen door closer, is produced to prevent screen doors or storm doors from flying open in weather with strong winds. Storm door closer acts as a bodyguard for your doors to ensure that the storms door closes without slamming shut. One of striking features of the best screen door closer is that it can control the swing of the door and greatly improve your home security by keeping your entrance closed. People have access to benefits from the best storm door closer for high wind. Especially during storm weather, pneumatic door closer adjustment has a solution.


Benefits of the sliding screen door closer:

Sliding screen door closer are perfect for summer to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the view of the garden in the colder months. The sliding doors are more common and lead to the increase in natural light in the home also saves money.

  • Increased energy efficient

Sliding doors are one of the efficient insulators and that look stunning warm the place in winter and cool in summer. The wright door closer are fit with the thermal insulation that act as a sound barrier and keep the dust off the space.

  • Enjoy natural light

Sliding doors provide direct sunlight from the large panes of glass from top to bottom. The designs maximize the intervention of natural light in the home and make the interior look more enticing throughout the day.

  • Saves the space

The installation of the sliding doors is easy and takes lesser space. It easily glides in a single line taking lesser space that means no extra space. This provides the space to create shelves and install products in the space.

  • Easier to use & enjoy

The easier accessibility of wright products door closer is beneficial to the parents and grandparents. They can sit across the room enjoy reading with the scenic view and keep an eye on their children. They are available in different styles and designs also protect from harmful UV rays. The environmentally friendly sliding doors are perfect to use in the balconies, patios, shelves, windows, and much more


Features of storm door closer:

  1. Good finish: Treated by powder coating meticulously ,which is no blistering and rust.
  2. Excellent performance: Smooth opening and closing with buffer
  3. Durable: The use of high-quality aluminum and fasteners makes the product stand wear and tear.
  4. Spring loaded bleed valve for smooth closing
  5. Closing speed easily hand adjustable
  6. Door hold-open feature
  7. Surface mounting
  8. Rapid air release function
  9. Automatic latch operation
  10. Easy installation


Applications of screen door closer

Our screen door closer is suitable for medium duty metal, wood or vinyl swinging doors, etc.

Factors to consider when choosing the best screen door closer?

You’ve noticed that the storm blows wantonly and swings or slams your storm door, which are the signs to be ready for installing a storm door closer for high wind. When it comes to choosing the best screen door closer, what factors should be considered? Read on to find out the answers.

1. Door type

It’s, first and foremost, to look for a screen door closer that matches the size, type and weight of the door. To prevent from the natural swing of the door, one point to note that the screen door closer should match the the direction of the door(left or right).

While ensuring the door’s weight, the screen door closer should also be comfortably and accurately installed on the door and door frame in case the swing of the door will break the spring in the spring box. As far as commercial and industrial applications are concerned, it’s better to find standard or top card door closer that can support the weight of the door.

2. Types of door closer mounting options

You should choose the right screen door closer based on the door closer mounting options. Door closer comes with 5 types of door closer mounting options. And each mounting option can be used only when certain conditions are met at the opening.

Door closer mounting options:

  • Regular Arm Mount
  • Parallel Arm Mount
  • Top Jamb Mount
  • Track Arm Mount
  • Corner Bracket Mount

3. Screen door closer types

Other considerations include the different types of door closers. There are four types f door closer which are judged according to their connection position with the door and frame and the position of the spring box.

  • Standard screen door closers
  • Top-jamb screen door closers
  • Parallel-arm screen door closers
  • Surface-mount screen door closers

4. Frame distance

Regarding the frame distance, it means the space between the screen door/ storm door and the doorframe. And you found that the screen door closer needs to be connected to both the door and the door frame, therefore, there’s need to measure the frame distance. As you’ve probably guessed, whether the screen door closer is firmly installed and fits securely is related to the frame distance. If there is a large distance, the screen door closer won’t fit securely.

5. Frequency of use

There are three types of screen door closer in the market according to the use frequency. And basically, door closer manufacturers label the information in the box packaging. And buyer should consider the use frequency of products in line with the use of the screen door.

  • Light-use screen door closers
  • Standard-use screen door closers
  • Heavy-duty use screen door closers

6. Closing force

What decides the screen door’s closing force is a spring box or the hydraulic tube. A larger spring box or hydraulic pipe means more resistance for the screen door closer, allowing it to be the best option for heavier doors, as well as a lightweight door. Notice that there is a adjustable product whose closing speed and closing force can be changed. The adjustment is finished with only a screwdriver.

Hydraulic door closer price, Automatic door closer price, Door closer price

The price of door closers varies greatly due to different brands and functions, ranging from dozens to hundreds. The approximate price distribution of door closers: under 60 RMB, 80-150 RMB, 200-300 RMB, and above 600 RMB.

  • Under 60 RMB: Most of them are small door closer brands below 60 RMB, which win at low prices. The quality is not guaranteed, so it is not recommended.
  • 80 to 150 RMB: This price range belongs to the reasonable price range of conventional door closers. Most first-line brands of conventional door closers are distributed in this price range. Conventional door closers usually cannot be used for fire doors, cannot be positioned at 90 degrees. And there is no door opening buffer, irrelevant door delay and other functions for these conventional door closers.
  • 200 to 300 RMB: Most of the door closers in the range of 200-300 RMB are surface-mounted door closers just like the conventional ones. Only a few of them are hidden door closers, but they can only sell for 200 and 300 RMB. The first is the relatively large closing force, positioning function, suitable for fire doors, simultaneous door opening buffer, door closing delay and other functions are also available in a small number of products.
  • Above 600 RMB: All those at this price are large hidden door closers. The function is also very powerful, but because the price is too expensive, it is mostly used for special doors.


Screen door closer installation, Storm door closer installation

There are five methods of storm door closer installation.

  1. Standard installation
    Install the door closer body on the sliding door side and the support arm on the door frame. This installation method is more suitable for the situation that the door frame is narrow and there is not enough space to install the door closer. When there is no obstacle in the door opening direction and the door is opened to a large enough angle, the door closer will not hit other objects with this installation method.
  2. Parallel installation
    Install the door closer on the side of the sliding door, and install the parallel plate on the door frame. This installation method is more suitable for scenes where the door frame is narrow or there is basically no door frame. After installation according to this method, since there is no protruding connecting rod and rocker arm, it is more beautiful and generous. Parallel installation is suitable for obstacles such as walls in the door opening position. Compared with the standard installation, the closing force of this installation is smaller.
  3. Door frame installation
    Install the door closer on the side of the sliding door, and install the arm on the door. This installation method is more suitable for scenarios where the door frame is wide and there is enough space to install the door closer. Compared with the standard installation, the upper door frame installation method is suitable for the situation where there are obstacles such as walls in the opening position. This installation method has a larger closing force and is more suitable for heavier doors.
  4. Slide rail installation
    Usually the door closer is installed on the door, and the slide rail is installed on the door frame. The door closer can be on both sides of the door. Compared with the previous three installation methods, this installation method has a lower closing force. After installation according to this method, since there are no protruding connecting rods and rocker arms, it is beautiful and generous.
  5. Hidden installation
    This installation method is the same as the slide rail installation for the concealed door closer. Compared with the previous installation methods, this installation method has the least closing force. After installing according to this method, the door has no exposed parts in the closed state, so it is the most beautiful. This installation method is the most complicated, and it is best to require professionals to install it. This installation method requires a larger gap with the door frame, usually 10MM (or remove the material on the upper part of the door during installation to increase the gap). The thickness of the door exceeds 42mm.

Door closer manufacturer, Door closer supplier

YUEYOU HARDWARE is a reputed supplier of screen door closer who always provides high quality best storm door closer for high wind. Our storm door closer is made of special high-strength materials to ensure the door closing in quiet and efficient operation. Our pneumatic screen door closer can be installed on the left or right door at will without adjustment, although it comes with closing speed easily hand adjustable. And The body can be installed on the inner door and the outer door. Moreover, built-in positioning function allows you to freely control as you like. The body is compact and powerful, and has built-in buffer function to ensure safety. For more types of storm door closer, welcome to visit our website.





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