What to consider when choosing the best screen door closer for your entryway?
What to consider when choosing the best screen door closer for your entryway?

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In an effort to prevent screen doors or storm doors from flying open in weather with strong winds, screen door closer acts as a bodyguard for your doors to ensure that the storms door closes without slamming shut. One of striking features of the best screen door closer is that it can control the swing of the door and greatly improve your home security by keeping your entrance closed.

You’ve noticed that the storm blows wantonly and swings or slams your storm door, which are the signs to be ready for installing a storm door closer. When it comes to choosing the best screen door closer, what factors should be considered? Read on to find out the answers.


What to consider when choosing the best screen door closer?

1. Door type

It’s, first and foremost, to look for a screen door closer that matches the size, type and weight of the door. To prevent from the natural swing of the door, one point to note that the screen door closer should match the the direction of the door(left or right).

While ensuring the door’s weight, the screen door closer should also be comfortably and accurately installed on the door and door frame in case the swing of the door will break the spring in the spring box. As far as commercial and industrial applications are concerned, it’s better to find standard or top card door closer that can support the weight of the door.

2. Types of door closer mounting options

You should choose the right screen door closer based on the door closer mounting options. Door closer comes with 5 types of door closer mounting options. And each mounting option can be used only when certain conditions are met at the opening.

Door closer mounting options:

  • Regular Arm Mount
  • Parallel Arm Mount
  • Top Jamb Mount
  • Track Arm Mount
  • Corner Bracket Mount

3. Screen door closer types

Other considerations include the different types of door closers. There are four types f door closer which are judged according to their connection position with the door and frame and the position of the spring box.

  • Standard screen door closers
  • Top-jamb screen door closers
  • Parallel-arm screen door closers
  • Surface-mount screen door closers

4. Frame distance

Regarding the frame distance, it means the space between the screen door/ storm door and the doorframe. And you found that the screen door closer needs to be connected to both the door and the door frame, therefore, there’s need to measure the frame distance. As you’ve probably guessed, whether the screen door closer is firmly installed and fits securely is related to the frame distance. If there is a large distance, the screen door closer won’t fit securely.

5. Frequency of use

There are three types of screen door closer in the market according to the use frequency. And basically, door closer manufacturers label the information in the box packaging. And buyer should consider the use frequency of products in line with the use of the screen door.

  • Light-use screen door closers
  • Standard-use screen door closers
  • Heavy-duty use screen door closers

6. Closing force

What decides the screen door’s closing force is a spring box or the hydraulic tube. A larger spring box or hydraulic pipe means more resistance for the screen door closer, allowing it to be the best option for heavier doors, as well as a lightweight door. Notice that there is a adjustable product whose closing speed and closing force can be changed. The adjustment is finished with only a screwdriver.



As referenced beforehand, it’s as well to bear these reference factors in mind before selecting your best screen door closer for your entryway. You are welcome to consult us now for your screen door closer project!




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